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"Kamara" (Full Moon Bath Ritual Soak)

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Kamara means "Moonlight". A Full Moon Ritual is performed to get rid of what's not needed, and enhance your spiritual energy. Say goodbye to all toxic relationships, fear, and bullshit. (Includes Blue Lotus, known to cause a sense of euphoria due to flowers containing a substance known as Apomorphine) *Do not drive or operate machinery after bath* 

Provides protection + spiritual awakening. Promotes the transition of the mind to higher frequencies. Cleansing. Enhances third eye function. Provides relaxation. Manifests wisdom + purity. Inspires optimism. Wars off negativity. Rids the body of toxins. Improves skin hydration. Speeds wound healing. 

Ingredients: Calendula, Blue Lotus, Passion Flower, Bergamot Essential Oil, Dead Sea Salt.