August Forecast

First of all, July kicked my ass! And from the looks of it, I am NOT the only one! I was forced to not only face the past, but come to terms that shit happened, and there is nothing I could do to change it. Long story short, it's time to move the hell on! It's always, ALWAYS, easier said than done, but it HAS to be done. I didn't know what the hell to expect in July, I just had to do the windmill with my eyes closed!!! As you can see I won the fight, but I decided I never wanted to enter another fight without a heads up. That's why I teamed up with my bae @thebluntreader to give us a heads up on what to expect, according to the "CARDS." The Blunt Reader has a straight to the point, ON POINT, approach to tarot card reading, and that's why she's our girl! Here's a look on what we can expect for August....


August Forecast


Central Focus – The Emperor x The Sun


Big, big energy to focus on and attain for the month of August. The Universe is requiring that you take time this month and focus on the things that make you happy. Seeking fulfillment from within is going to be the key to getting you where you want to go. When you follow your heart, listening to those nudges that steer you in new, uncharted directions, you not only find peace and happiness, but that is also where your success is found.


In matters of the heart, and finances, it is time for you to be honest about what you want. The current Leo energy we’re in is asking that you be bold with your requests and what you’d like to see happen. This is no time to play small, or be meek and humble. You’re a master manifestor, able to create amazing, life changing goodness in your life, and you have to remember that.


August is pushing you to take charge. Take control of your life and make the decisions that are going to lead you to success. Now is not the time to rely on anyone else’s guidance but your own. You know what you need better than anyone, so don’t second guess yourself.


Obstacles/Blockages – Nine of Wands x Wheel of Fortune x The Hermit


There is hesitancy as it pertains to what your next steps are and how you move forward. The thing you want to do but have yet to do, you need to do it. What’s preventing you from moving forward is self-doubt, which, in actuality, is just self-sabotage. You’ve told yourself that you’re not prepared for this, that maybe you need to try something else, or learn a bit more before you proceed, but learn as you go. You don’t need to have everything figured out right now, but you do have to take action.


You are your own obstacle, and fear of failing or not getting the results you desire is hindering what will be very successful for you. The answers you think you don’t have are already within you, waiting for you to access them. Your central focus for the month of August is following your heart and making decisions that make you feel good, confident, and fulfilled, but in order to achieve that, you have to stop doubting yourself.


Course of Action – Eight of Wands


How you come out of the month of August on top is by communicating openly. Be bold with your requests this month. If you feel you deserve a raise or a promotion, ask for it without fear of being rejected. If your intent is to manifest something new, make your requests to the Universe and make it count. You’ve been playing it safe for far too long, and once you choose to stand in your power, being courageous and willing to ask for what you need/want/desire, things begin to shift in your favor, and it happens quickly.


Things are only stagnant because you’re stagnant. Nothing is happening because you’re not doing anything. The Emperor doesn’t sit around and wait for things to happen—he makes them happen because he’s powerful, and you are, too. 


This month, don’t forget that you are magical, powerful, and more than capable. Don’t doubt yourself.

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