What is your healing flower or herb?

We've all heard the phrase "Flower Power", and it couldn't be more true. Flowers have powers. Powers to heal. Powers to manifest. Powers to banish. But flowers aren't the only powerful tools, as herbs also possess the same magic. Ritual Bathing uses flowers + herbs according to their healing properties, so that each bath signifies a new you and a fresh start, just as they have in almost every culture in the world, for centuries. Take a deep breath, identify what it is that you need in your life at this very moment, and learn which flower or herb is most beneficial to you right now. . .  

Peony- Manifests romance, happy marriage/love life, riches and good fortune. Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Brightens Skin. 

Rose- Manifests balance, New beginnings, hope, love. Anti-Septic, Anti-inflammatory. 

Orchids- Manifests love, luxury, beauty, strength. Boosts skins immunity, moisturizes skin, reduces signs of aging and fine lines. 

Lemon Balm- Connected to the moon and water. Aides in healing, love, friendships, and success. Soothes emotional pain. 

Rosemary- Protection, peace, cleanses. Heightens psychic and spiritual connections. 


While this is a small list, there are thousands of plants and herbs that possess healing properties, many of which we use in each of our products. Try 4 of our most popular and potent ritual soaks with our Sample Soak Kit, now available via pre-order! For reading our blog, use promo code RITUAL10 at checkout! Enjoy!