Is it "Coochie Compatible?'

To coochie, or not to coochie, that is the question. If you're like me, the girl down there is SENSITIVE. There are hundreds of things I CAN'T put down there, or anywhere near her for that matter, and finding things I can is like locating a needle in a hay stack. No one wants to upset their lady parts! We've been getting lots and lots of questions about whether this would annoy our BFF, and here is the tea! 


I have been taking floral baths for years, and it has never set my vagina on fire, made her scream, or have her itchy. I have always and still do now use only natural ingredients in my products, and the majority of the contents are FLOWERS. Nature nurtures, and mother nature normally has our back. Keeping your PH balance in check is a task never the less, but we all have to do so for optimum vaginal health. Flowers are super delicate, just like the vagina, and that's why they are a perfect match! Even our coconut milk soak is coochie friendly, as It is made with natural and organic ingredients too! 


So this was extremely short, but It's pretty easy to answer this question. My products are coochie compatible, but every coochie is different.... If after using one of our products (and this has NEVER happened), you experience any disruption, please discontinue use! 

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