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Daily Affirmations For Bae (01/22/21)

I AM HEALING IN REAL TIME. You have to put in the work. You can have everything your heart and soul craves, but without healing, you won't enjoy it. Ask me how I know? Because that was me. I was chasing me outer dreams, and leaving the inside hurting. When my business started to grow, I was honestly still unhappy. It wasn't until I started doing my inner child work, was I uplifted in a way I couldn't imagine. Heal bae, and do it in real time.Signed, Ritual Bae. 

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What is your healing flower or herb?

We've all heard the phrase "Flower Power", and it couldn't be more true. Flowers have powers. Powers to heal. Powers to manifest. Powers to banish. But flowers aren't the only powerful tools, as herbs also possess the same magic. Ritual Bathing uses flowers + herbs according to their healing properties, so that each bath signifies a new you and a fresh start, just as they have in almost every culture in the world, for centuries. Take a deep breath, identify what it is that you need in your life at this very moment, and learn which flower or herb is most beneficial to you right now. . .   Peony- Manifests romance, happy marriage/love life, riches and good fortune. Antioxidant,...

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Why Flowers?

So, I don't know why I am choosing to write a blog post on this topic, because I actually don't remember why flowers. I don't know how it happened, or when. I just remember having this undeniable attraction and extreme relationship with the most divine creations on Earth besides ourselves. Everything I purchased had a flower pattern. I only wanted flowers as birthday gifts, and if there were flowers in a park, I could stare for hours. It wasn't until later I realized, they had powers, and so did I.  Ritual bae is me combining the powers within and flower power, to create luxurious bath sessions. I carefully select flowers for two reasons, their skin benefits, and what they signify....

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