You are the mutha******* magic.

Repeat after me, I AM, THE MUTHA FUCKING MAGIC. Now, say that shit again like you mean it. You are the mutha fucking magic and you are so powerful. Everything you need is WITHIN. I know because well, I KNOW. It's tested, tried, and TRUE. Scroll with me....

Ritual Bae is in a good place right now, but that wasn't always the case. It was never bad, but I was searching for shit elsewhere that I already possessed. I didn't know I had it. When I didn't know it was a pure stand still struggle. I was ok, but I wanted to be great, and I wanted my brand to be greater. I can remember the moment I knew what I was looking for was within. Sitting in a bathtub full of Penda (the self love soak) and Kanene, (the coconut milk soak), I was feeling good AF. I was filled with something that there is no way in hell I could describe. It wasn't physical or even emotional. Nah, this way way deeper than rap. This was SPIRITUAL. I heard my grandmother clear as day. "Use your hands, your heart, and your mind." In that moment, I knew I was destined to be a master creative and take things to a new label. I started designing my own labels and the rest was history. My tribe responded better than when I paid someone $300 to create my original labels. And not to knock her because they were bomb as fuck, I just needed something I was IN LOVE WITH, and only I could manifest my own heart in that regard. I've been metro booming EVER SINCE. (I'm hood, I had to say that lol)

I also had to say that to say this bae. It's either ON YOU, or IN YOU. Either the money is on you so that you can buy it, or it's in you so you can manifest or create it. Whatever that thing is. I am not saying design your own shit if you know you can't even draw within the lines, but I am talking ANYTHING. It could be the desire for you to move forward. The hope to achieve your goals and dreams. Literally ANYTHING, it's in you to do it! 

Believe in yourself like you see those who are successful believing in themselves, for that is the only difference between those who run the race, and those sitting on the sidelines. You are beautiful, you are talented, you have the will, YOU ARE THE MUTHAFUCKING MAGIC, and I SAID WHAT I SAID! 

For the next 10 days repeat "I am the muthafucking magic" 3 times a day in the mirror and let's get shit popping! Magic is real heaux! 

Talk to yall later. 

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