Ari, you need a ritual bath.

Don’t be walking around here with stank coochie energy like Ari. The type of energy that isn’t happy for friends, feeling like you’re the reason someone is successful and you alone, or always crying about some shit when you’re supposed to be clapping. All of that is STANK coochie energy and it has to stop. 

Believe it or not Ritual baths are used to keep stank coochie energy at bay, ward off fuck boys, and attract all the good shit you deserve and desire. If you need some powerful shit ASAP, I recommend BLK GRL MAGIC with black lava salt. Not only will it do all of the above, but do it with BIG ENERGY. If you don’t need it with the added protection, then BLK GRL MAGIC flowers only will be your go to. 

Either damn way, it’s time for that bum as man that’s lingering to bounce, for you to forgive yourself, and for you to freshen your coochie (energy) if it’s currently “stank” for whatever the reason. While you’re grabbing your ritual, grab Ari some too because WHEW! That heaux tried it! 

Talk to you soon! 

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Love this blog sis !! Keep doing your thing ! You’re such an inspiration

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