DREAM BIG, your life depends on it.


Two months ago I was homeless, AF. I was living in an hotel room, with my son, working daily to make ends meet as an entrepreneur just to buy food and cover the cost of the room for the night. I was struggling. I wasn't paying the room up for a week, or two weeks, or for a month at a time, but DAY BY DAY. My son, oblivious to the fact that we shouldn't be living like this, he was happy as the days were long, and was my only motivation. It was some days I could not pay for it and my son's father (who lives out of town) and HIS sister would cover the cost. For them even in this very moment as I type, am so grateful for them. As I stated in the beginning, that was two months ago. With my mattress on the floor because I'm still soaking up the changes and haven't gotten all of my things out of storage yet, for the past two days I made hella sells with Ritual Bae. Life comes at you fast... And so does it's changes. 

I've always been a dreamer. Every since I was a little girl my dreams were BIG AF. I saw myself within those dreams actually being what I wanted to be and doing what I wanted to do. I saw myself happy, accomplished, and paving the way for people who dream just as big. I knew I wanted to be great, and while there were times were I was not moving at all towards those very dreams, there are way more times I had that dog in me ready to FIGHT for what I wanted. For what I needed. For what I dreamed of. 

Things will try to stop you. Had I let molestation at an early age stop me, where would I be? If I would have let abusive parents, an abusive boyfriend, or other things stop me where would I be? If I would have let motherhood at an early age stop me where would I be? Even the homelessness two months ago, If that situation won, this weekend in sales wouldn't have been LIT! What are you letting stop you from DREAMING BIG? You have to keep dreaming and do it in the most profound way! That's what keeps your blood pumping, your energy high, and your creativity flowing! Don't let life beat you. The sole difference between those who win and those who lose is that winners WIN. I can't explain it but like my good friend Eric Thomas said, YOU JUST HAVE TO FEEL ME! Winners have that DOG! Winners don't give up, and that's how they get the trophy. Everyone goes through pain, winners get a reward for it! 

In closing, I know this has nothing to do with ritual baths or skincare exactly, I just needed to share with you why or how Ritual Bae exists in the first place. I DREAM BIG AF. It's a lifestyle. 

Signed, Ritual Bae. 

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