Bath or Bitch?

Listen, baths are LIFE. I ain't just create Ritual Bae because I love creating things. While my passion for creativity is definitely dominant and present, when I say baths are LIFE, i mean that. There are times where a good bath has SAVED MY LIFE. I'll gladly get into that later because I made it through. (Praise dance!) For now, the real question was, did I just need a bath, or am I a true bitch? Let me explain. 

I am obsessed with the art of bath making and taking. Since the beginning of my time I have always loved two things, water and flowers. When I started to combine the two a few years ago my healing and my passion took a new turn. I had found my antidote. My medicine. My love. 

Now, I have been through some shit. Lots of it. I can't even front and say that I know how i made it through before Ritual Bae because I don't even know. All I know is that I am here and I am alive and well. I will be honest and say that overtime, the things I have endured has always left me in a pretty bad space. I don't really trust people in general, (expect my Ritual Bae tribe really), I am downright scared of love, and most days I just be mad as hell. I'll admit I am in the process of healing, I have not completed that journey. There are days where I am ok, and there are days where a ritual bath makes it ok. 

Being broken is no fun. You have to be careful when you are broken of the people you have around you. There are some broken people in this world who will take another broken person and make every attempt to ensure you remain more broken than them instead of assisting you with your healing. I am used to those kinds of people and while I spent years blaming them, I realized it was me all along. I kept them around when I should have cut them off. Anyways, back to the question. I used to SNAP, like all the time and only thing that would make me feel better is a great bath full of flowers and essential oils. I relied heavily on mother nature and all it had to offer in order to feel at peace. I'd jump out of the tub a whole new woman. Happy, healthy, and a heart full of gold. Then, it was back to the people. I would become so easily triggered till it took nothing at all for people like my husband, or an old friend to have me back in that space. I'd be in a bitchy mood for days, until another Ritual Bath was under way. It became a cycle of being bent out of shape by my triggers and put back together by a bath. I was sick of their shit and happy in the tub. Baths became a ritual for me for real. I went from wanting them, to NEEDING them. All of this went on for me to ask for your insight. Was a I bitch, or did I just NEED A BATH? 

Yall have to let me know something because who really wants to be bitch? You know, I need like an intervention or to hear it from you if I am. Drop a comment and let me know. I don't want to be lost out here forever! 

Signed, Bae.  

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