Are you glowing?

As I am writing this I feel like this message is to reach someone in particular. Maybe you just recently went through some sort of break up, relationship or job, and you are feeling kind of down in the dumps. You don't know if that was the right thing to do or if it would lead to something better or not.... 

Bae, IT WILL. 

This something was keeping you from glowing. From reaching your fullest potential. From obtaining the goals that you have had for quite some time. I can't even advise you to cry it out because honestly it isn't shit to cry about. You should be smiling. You should be laughing. Because the joke is definitely on them losers. 

I can tell you right now you weren't glowing because of the bullshit but bae you are about to be and sooner rather than later. It's time to shift your focus and level up. Level up your spiritual, your mental, and your physical. Get in the gym, meditate, and seek therapy if you must. 2021 is about to be the year of the come up. ACT LIKE IT. 

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