Be vulnerable. NEVER gullible.

Hey Bae,

Being vulnerable is one of our unique characteristics as women. While men can be and should have a space for vulnerability, I think we can somewhat agree that it comes a lot more naturally with us. It's truly a beautiful thing to be vulnerable. Vulnerability can be scary, I know, because it essentially means to have one's guard down. We've all been hurt before so being vulnerable becomes more of a NO, than a YES. I get it. 

I realized that when I wasn't being vulnerable, I wasn't giving myself new chances at love and life. Walking around on egg shells everyday really had me angry, bitter, and missing out on things I really should have been enjoying. It wasn't until recently where I was like hold up, I didn't even enjoy yesterday because I was so afraid of tomorrow. I made the decision then that I was done living that way. I wanted to be happy and enjoy what the world has to offer because reality is, I wouldn't be here forever. Things started really looking up for me and I'm sssoooo happy. 

I want to remind you before you're like Nah, I'm good on being vulnerable. Being vulnerable does not mean being gullible. We're still going to be smart and REAL with what's being presented in front of us. We are still walking away from red flags and bullshit so don't get it twisted. We're just giving ourselves a chance to see flags, red or green. That's what vulnerability is. Take your time, and enjoy life. See you next sunday bae.....



Agreed, sometimes you have to play dumb and just sit back and re-evaluate things. Saying no your turning things down before giving it a chance. Dont block your blessings. Due to another person flaws.

Stephanie Gregory

Vulnerability definitely makes me say no in fact it makes me put a guard it this something I need to work on sheesh

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