Are you being "fake" bae?


This man told me straight up. "You make it sound good, you know how to put the words into it, but I don't believe you are doing the work for real." That shit stung. For a minute I was offended. But the longer I sat in the dark living room with the blinds closed, the more I said to self, "this negro right." I was faking it. That's why I was still having issues. That's why I am still easy to anger. That's why I had no control over my emotions. And to be honest with you, that's why I wasn't excelling in business either. He was 100% correct, and I didn't even know it. 

There comes a time in everyone's life where you have to REALLY do the work in order to heal. In the beginning, (and the beginning can last for weeks, months, even YEARS), you become way more comfortable with saying it, than doing it. Then eventually, that's the only habit you have, running your mouth. When he uttered those words to me, I knew I was tired of talking. If he could see right through me, who else can? Even worse, at that moment I knew that if I didn't switch it up, I would be stuck where I was. Nah. I'm not having that, and neither should you. 

Bae, what intimidates you about the work? Is it the tears, or the fact that you'd actually have to cut some people out of your life? Whatever the fear is, you have to get over it TODAY. Your best life is out there waiting and wanting you to manifest it, but you wanna be fake. You wanna be stagnant. You want to make it look good when it ain't good at all. It's time to really do your inner child work, do your rituals, make changes, cry it out, and then proceed to living the life you deserve. 

Ready to do the work? Don't do it alone. What assistance do you need? 





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