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Shea Butter or Mango Butter?

We currently use two different butters to make butters that moisturize and beautify our skin, but what's the difference in the two?

Mango Butter is a nutritious butter loaded with healthy nutrients that can help support your skin and overall health. The vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants in mango butter may help you prevent premature aging and protect your skin from sun damage. 

Shea Butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins which makes shea butter an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter on your body, especially your face, can condition, tone, and soothe your skin.

When choosing a butter, these are the two key differences to help you choose. Both smell really great and have amazing benefits!

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What are Ritual Soaks

Ritual Baths are an ancient practice multiple cultures used for spiritual and physical healing. Back then, they added different flowers, herbs, oils, and other elements like salts to aide in their request for healing. I created my own line of Ritual Soaks based on those ancient practices, and the different spiritual and physical benefits of each flower, herb, and oil, then created a simple way to have Ritual baths in the comfort of our homes. Add a black candle for protection or white candle for purity to heighten each bath. It's time to heal.

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You heard them bae.....

OMG! The mango and shea butters! (Because I couldn't choose lol) They are so amazing and smell so good! I was truly surprised the mango butter smelled like real mangos and not some artificial crap! I came back and purchased 2 more of each! I won't be ashy while waiting for the restock!

Brittney R.

It's the Ritual Soaks for me! After using the Loved AF soak the other night something just came over me. I was at peace. I looked at myself in the mirror and truly finally loved what I say. I think this girl either has real magic or blessed by her ancestors! I'll admit it's been a long time since I loved ME!

Jessica P.

The superfood scrub is truly BOMB. After one use my skin was softer and moisturized even before I put on lotion. I am stalking her page for the next restock. I have my eyes on the coffee scrub because I hate getting up in the morning! lol

Jasmine L.