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Who is Ritual Bae?

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Peace, Protection, or Pampering?

Whether it's to summon love, wealth or peace with our Ritual Soaks, or to enhance your skin using our shower, body, or skincare products, your experience will be MAGICAL. Choose what you need and be INTENTIONAL. 

Our Dopeness, all made with BLK GRL MAGIC.

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About the Founder.

Kiara Lasha, has been an engineer of ritual bath soaks for 3+ years, captivating the soul and renewing the mind, one bath at a time. She has been using "Flower Power" to heal anxiety, depression, and other things, as well as to manifest the true desires of the heart like happiness, love, and peace. She believes bath time, shower time, or any other ritual involving the body is and should always feel like a healing session, and that one should finish a better version of themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

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